Wielki Szlem - Bomba

Brauner Hengst, 25.05.1947-1975
Züchter: Posadowo, Polen

Rennleistung: 4/38 (9-10-5-5)

Hengstlinie: Kuhailan Haifi d.b.
Stutenlinie: Delale d.b.

Anarchista 1947 - his head lacked beaty but he had a pretta neck and a lovely bright eye. Anarchista was leggy and shallow, on correct limbs. He made an enviable reputation for himself in breeding. His daughters produced the following progency:
Fatma 1961 - tem mares and two stallions, including the wonderful Polish, European adn World Champion Fawor 1981.
Czatanoga 1959 - four extremely valuable mares and three stallions (who were subsequentely exported) including a Res. US Nat. Champion, Czeremosz 1970, who was used in poland before being exported.
The genetic potency of this relativley ordinary stallion made him a particularly successful breeding horse.

Used 6 seasons for breeding in Poland. 12 weaned foals, 5 fillies used for breeding.