Amurath Sahib - Angara 

Brauner Hengst, 23.02.1952-1969
Züchter: Klemensów, Polen
exp. Russland 1958
153-178-19,5 cm


Status im Stutbuch: Elite

Rennleistung: 2/18 (5-5-2-6)

Hengstlinie: Bairactar d.b.
Stutenlinie: Semrie d.b.

Arax is one of the stallion of the Bairactar sire line. He went to Tersk in 1958 after standing one year at Albigowa State Stud. He is the son of Amurath Sahib, gray stallion foaled in 1932. Arax was the leading sire at Tersk for the ten years he he stood there, siring 101 foals, of which 11 sons and 23 daughters were registered. He is a credited with passing on good bone, much substance, great length and strength of hindquarters, a typey head with large expressive eyes, the long neck typical of the line, and excellent disposition and temperament. In 1969, when he was 17, Arax was sold to Holland but died from a shipboard accident. The Arax line was carried on briefly by Namek (x Neposeda by Priboj), then by Nabeg, a bay stallion foaled in 1966 (out of the noted Nomenklatura by Naseem) until his death in 1978. The line then passed to Pesniar (x Pesnia by Aswan) and, after his importation to the United States, to Menes RASB (Nabeg x Metropolia by Priboj). Now that Menes RASB is also in the United States, the Bairactar line is carried on by Nabeg sons and grandsons.
     Arax daughters are treasured the world over; at Tersk, Magnolia and the full sisters Naturshitsa and Nemezida were highly broodmares.

Arax was the most significant. He was sent to Tersk in 1958. Sired by Amurath Sahib, out of the Wielki Szlem daughter Angara, he was foaled at the Michalow state stud in Poland in 1952. Arax sired six foals in Poland, the most noted being the US Reserve National Champion mare, Boltonka. Arax was transferred to the Tersk stud when he was six as the result of a trade with Poland for a number of mares. The Tersk stud breeding program would soon prosper with his addition.
      Arax made an invaluable contribution to the breed by providing superb and totally functional structure. As an individual he was noted for his overall smoothness and balance.
      Although slightly thick in the throatlatch, Arax's neck was of adequate length, but not as well set on as is currently fashionable. His well-shaped, clean head was highlighted by large, black eyes — traits that uniformly have been hallmarks of this line. Arax was known for his disposition — a prepotent trait in his line of offspring. The Arax linebred horses reflect good working attitudes and are generally happy, with quiet temperaments.
      Arax was used extensively at Tersk between 1959 and 1969. At age 17 he was sold to Holland. Unfortunately, he died in an accident while en route.
      The line progenitor for Arax was his son Nabeg, foaled in 1966 out of the Naseem daughter Nomenklatura. Tragically, Nabeg died at the age of 12, and the loss of this fine breeding stallion was monumental. Seventy-seven Nabeg sons and daughters are listed through Volume IV of the Russian Arabian Stud Book citing production years beginning in 1972 and extending through 1979.
      Arax daughters are greatly sought-after worldwide. His daughter Magnolia, foaled in 1960, was the last daughter of Mammona, who was one of the last daughters of Ofir. Magnolia is unique in the annals of the breed when her production record is analyzed. She is one of the few mares at Tersk to have had five sons win international championships. In 1964 Magnolia won First Degree honors at the All USSR show.
     In reviewing the dominant placings of Arabian horses shown at the All USSR Show, it is interesting to note that six Arax get were awarded the prestigious "Certificate of First Degree," which is analogous to the US Reserve National Championship.
      In 1964, in addition to Magnolia, two other Arax daughters, Podarok and Palba, shared First Degree honors. In 1970, the Arax son Nadir, out of Nitochka, earned the certificate. Unfortunately, Nadir died in 1976. Nemezida, out of Neposeda (by Priboj), captured the award in 1971, and her full brother, Namek, won in 1977 as a 13-year-old.
      Two All Union speed records were established by Arax get. In 1968, at age four, Mramor (x Metropolia) set a track record for the 1600 meter distance at 1:45:2. A filly, Sapina, by Arax and out of Solianka II, established a 2400 meter record as a three-year-old in 1962 with a time of 2:42:5.
      Many European breeders were quick to recognize the value of Arax blood. They imported 42 of his offspring, beginning in 1962. Seventeen Arax sons and daughters were sold to Holland, with the remaining 25 going to England, Germany, Poland and Italy.