Abu Afas - Carmen

Schimmel Hengst, 1953-1964
Züchter: Nowy Dwòr, Polen


Rennleistung: 1/9 (1-3-1)

Hengstlinie: Kuhailan Afas d.b.
Stutenlinie: Gazella d.b.

Comet was the chief progenitor of Kuhailan Afas or.Ar. line in post-war Poland. 

Comet was the prominent sire of 36 of the most excellent broodmares including; Warmia (1963), dam of the three stallions Wandal (1970) - exported to the US, Woroblin (1977) used at Michalów Stud - exported to Brazil and Wermut (1982) chief sire at Bialka and Kurozweki Studs; and eight mares including Wizja - US National Champion Mare. Eunice (1969), dam of the chief sires Eukaliptus (1974) - Polish National Champion Stallion, Eunizar (1969) and Euben (1972) and the mare Europa (1975) - 1987 Polish National Champion Mare. Gdynia (1963), dam of multi-champion Gdansk. Dysputa (1965), dam of three stallions and six mares, sold at the age of 20 for $300,000 at the Polish Ovation Sale in 1985. Arba (1962), dam of Arbor (1967) - exported to France and European Champion Stallion, Argo (1976) - Polish National Champion Stallion in 1986 and Arra (1975) - Polish National Champion Mare, European Champion Mare, Triple Crown winner of Derby, Oaks and Criterium.

Comet produced 26 stallions including Ego (1959) - exported to Sweden, Czester (1960) - US National Top Ten Stallion, Zbruch (1963) - US National Champion Park Horse, Meczet (1961) - National Champion Park Horse of U.S.A, Derwisz (1965) - US and Canadian Top Ten and Canadian National Champion Park Horse, Dar (1963), Eter (1963) and Flis (1963) and Gwar (1963) - all prominent sires in the U.S.A. 

Comet is the sire of the beautiful Pohaniec (1965), one of the most influential breeding stallions in Sweden. Pohaniec was exported to Sweden in 1970 and became Swedish National Champion Stallion and "Best in Show" in 1972. He was rewarded the title European Reserve Champion Stallion in Verden, West Germany in 1976 and got the "Best Stallion of the Year Reward" in 1977. Pohaniec produced 92 foals in Sweden before his death in 1984. Some of the celebrities he produced are the sires Pomar (1971) - Swedish National Champion Stallion in 1975 and 1981, Dopo (1972), Expo (1972), Saponiec (1977), Da Capo (1977) - breeding stallions and the most famous of them all – Probat (1975). 

Probat was used successfully in Sweden before being leased to Poland for 1979 - 1982 and 1986 - 1987 seasons. Probat was exported to the U.S.A. in 1987. Amongst the many of his outstanding offsprings we find: Enrilo (1981) - chief sire at Michalów Stud, exported to the US, Gwizd (1981) chief sire at Tersk Stud, USSR, Garnizon (1982) - Polish National Champion Stallion, Alegro (1983) - chief sire Janów Podlaski Stud, Fawor (1981) - Polish Junior National Champion Stallion, European and World Junior Champion Stallion in 1986, Diana (1981) - Polish Junior Reserve National Champion Mare, sold for $1,200,000 at the Polish Ovation Sale, Scottsdale 1985, Almeria (1984) - best yearling filly and Polish Junior Reserve National Champion Mare.