Krezus - Forta 

Brauner Hengst, 1948-1973
Züchter: Nowy Dwor, Polen

Czort     Czort

Rennleistung: 4/19 (13-6-0)2xAP+7
2 x Criterium Sieger

Hengstlinie: Kuhailan Haifi d.b.
Stutenlinie: Ukrainka 

A superior racehorse and unparalleled sire of Polish race champions, CZORT was utilized as chief sire in Poland for 14 seasons with tremendous success. The official progenitor of the Kuhailan Haifi sire line in Poland, CZORT's success as a sire was largely responsible for the eventual sale of his contemporary BASK to North America. Considered the best son of his invaluable sire, CZORT was most consistent in transmitting his excellent conformation, length of neck, dry, resilient constitution and superlative athleticism, especially his prowess on the racecourse. Though not considered the ideal Arabian in terms of type, CZORT is remembered as a sire of immense value to the breed for his gifts of outstanding construction, courage and performance capabilities. He was the first horse of the post-war period to be enshrined in Janow Podlaski's Park of Honor, a fitting tribute for his 12 years of service to the Stud and lasting contribution to the breed.

Used in Polish breeding 1959-1972.
Very important sire in post-war breeding in Poland.

Known as a sire of excellent performance horses.
Full brother of DYSKA.


his get won:
the Oaks three times
the Derby five times 
the Criterium three times 

CZORT sired 15 stallions: 
four of them were used in Poland :  
KREZUS 1963 bay (Kreolka) Janow - raced 14 times: 2xI : winner of Derby and Criterium, sold to Sweden 1975
SABBAT 1964 bay (Sabellina) Janow - raced 11 times : 5xI, 3xII, 2xIII, Derby winner, sold to Belgium 1973
BANZAJ 1965 grey (Bandola) Janow - raced 24 times : 6xI,1xII - sold to USA 1975
and the best of them all : 
EL PASO 1967 bay (Ellora) Janow - US National Champion Stallion, sold for $1.000.000 to USA 1972

other CZORT sons were: 
PIERROT 1969 grey (Pierzga) Janow - raced 24 times : 10xI, 5xII, 5xIII, Winner of Derby and  Criterium (1973, 1974), exported to Germany 1977
ELFUR 1966 bay (Ellora)  Janow - raced 23 times : 14xI , placed 8 times , Derby winner, leased to Tiersk Stud, USSR 1973-1975, (full brother of EL PASO) - sold to USA
RUSZT 1962 chestnut (Rusznica) Janow - sold to USA 1967
SAMBOR 1965 chestnut, (Sabellina) Janow - Race Champion in USA, (full brother of SABBAT), sold to USA 1969
KOMIS 1965 grey (Wielka Kometa) Janow - sold to USA 1972
PENTAGON 1966 grey (Penza) Janow - sold to USA 1972
ALLAHABAD 1967 bay (Algonkina) Janow - Race Champion in USA, Janow - sold to USA 1971
ETAN 1965 bay (Etna) Janow - US National Champion Top Ten English Pleasures and Canadian National Reserve Champion Stallion

CZORT sired 27 mares, including 12 exported to USA: 
1960 bay (Sabellina) Janow - raced 9 times : 6xI, 1x2, winner of Derby and Criterium (1964) - sold to USA 1980 (Full sister of SAMBOR and SABBAT)
KANIA  1962 chestnut (Kassala) Janow - sold to USA 1972
SALA 1962 grey (Sabellina) Janow - sold to USA 1980 (Full sister of SAMBOR and SABBAT) 
RUTA 1963 bay (Rusznica) Janow - sold to USA 1970
ALGOA 1964 bay (Algonkina) Janow - raced 10 times : 6xI, placed 3 times, Winner of Oaks and Criterium (1968), sold to USA 1970, - dam of: 
ALOES, chief sire and Polish National Champion Stallion, sold for the record price of $395.000 at the POLISH PRESTIGE Sale 1987 to USA
ALGOA is Full sister of ALLAHABAD and ALEKSJA
PEMBA 1964 bay (Penza) Janow - raced 16 times: 3xI,7xII,3xIII - sold to USA - dam of: 
PEPI 1975 stallion bay (Celebes) Janow - chief sire and Best in Show Caibar International Denmark 1985 - exported to USA.
PEPI is the sire of ETAT
PEPTON 1977 grey (Bandos) - race champion, leading sire of stakes winners, Polish National Champion Stallion 1989, exported to USA
ROKADA 1965 bay (Rokitka) Janow
BAJRA 1966 bay (Bajdara) Janow - raced 21 times : 6xI, placed  5 times, Oaks Winner, exported to Sweden 1974
AMPLA 1966 bay (Amfibia) Janow
ALEKSJA 1968 bay (Algonkina) Janow - raced 4 times : 3xI, 1x2 - sold to USA 1976 (Full sister of ALGOA, dam of ALOES)
ENORA 1969 grey (Engracja) Janow, sold to USA in 1978 dam of:
ENOS 1975 - Polish National Champion Stallion and prominent sire in Poland and USA
ALEGORIA 1970 bay (Algonkina) Janow - sold to USA 1974 (Full sister of ALGOA, dam of ALOES)
PENSJA 1970 bay (Penza) Janow - sold to USA 1973 (Full sister of PEMBA dam of PEPI and PEPTON)
SORTA 1972 chestnut (Salona) Janow - sold to USA 1977
BASN 1973 grey (Bajka) Janow - exported to USA in 1990