Taki Pan - Krona 

Braune Stute, 01.05.1943
Züchter: Tersk, Russland
155-185-19,5 cm

Status im Stutbuch: Elite

Rennleistung: 2/14 (5-2-4-1-2)

Dam of stake winners Topol, Ptashka, record holder Potencia and *Pietuszok (all full brother / sister).

1948 - Krater (by Korej)
- Pashtet (by Pribo)
- Platina (by Priboj)
- Protekcia (by Priboj)
- Potencja (by Priboj)
Ptashka (by Priboj) 3/8(4-1-2)1
- Pietuszok (by  Priboj)
- Torpeda (by Priboj)
- Tien (by Negatiw)
- Tropinka (by Priboj)
- Topol (by Priboj) 2/16(9-4-3)D+5
- Tramplin (by Pomeranets) 2/18(3-5-3)
- Trapecia (by Pomeranets
- Tropik (by Pomeranets) 4/33(9-4-7)
- Torpeda (by Pomeranets)

by Carl Fudge - Sturgeon Creek Arabians

Twenty-one years ago, TAKTIKA's most famous son, *PIETUSZOK, was imported to North America. This followed the importation of his sons : *BARJRAM, *GAY POLKA++, *ORZEL++ 2/12(6-4-1)1&US National Champion, and *WOSK 6/31(10-7-6)Derby and his daughters: *ORLA 2/11(10-1-0)D+O+2xAP+4 (granddam of *ORIGAN). *WILMA 2/13(3-7-2), (dam of *WIKING), *ELBA, *HARDA, *HARPIA and *AKA. Many recognize *PIETUSZOK's sire, PRIBOJ, as a significant progenitor of athletic Arabians, but this article deals with the tremendous contribution of *PIETUSZOK's dam, TAKTIKA, and her influence on Arabian breeding around the world.

TAKTIKA was "one-of-a-kind" with no collateral relatives. Neither she nor her dam had full siblings used for breeding. TAKTIKA was an excellent racer: 2/14(5-2-4). She was graded "Elite", the highest grade possible in Russian breeding. Four of her offspring by PRIBOJ won stakes races. The PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA breeding cross was the most consistent of all the PRIBOJ nicks. This is quite a statement realizing the tremendous impact PRIBOJ had on the Russian breeding program.

In addition to *PIETUSZOK (see article referenced below) and POTENCJA, who both went to Poland, PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA also produced TOPOL 2/16(9-4-3) (sire of *Novalor 2/21(7-7-2), PTASHKA 2/8(4-1-2) (dam of Russian record holder *Pustinia 2/14(3-1-1); PLATINA 2/11(4-3-1) (dam of *Panama Of Tersk 1/7(3-1-2). After PRIBOJ died, TAKTIKA was bred to his son POMERANETS four times. By POMERANETS, TAKTIKA produced TRAPECIA (dam of *Tamerlan 2/21(4/5/4).

Of all the PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA offspring. *PIETUSZOK most closely resembled his dam. TAKTIKA's measurements were: 155-185-19.5. *PIETUSZOK's were 156-185-20.

During World War II many horses left Poland, especially those of the Koheilan Adjuze sire line. Most went to Russia. After the way to reintroduce this sire line, Polish breeders succeeded in 1956 in obtaining three PRIBOJ daughters including POTENCJA (Priboj x Taktika) and two years later two more PRIBOJ daughters as well as POTENCJA's full brother *PIETUSZOK. POTENCJA and *PIETUSZOK played a major role in reintroducing the Koheilan Adjuze sire line to Poland, both carrying TAKTIKA's blood.

POTENCJA won the Russian SM Budenny Stakes as a two-year-old before going to Poland where she won the Polish Derby. The SM Budenny Stakes was 1-3/4 miles long and POTENCJA completed the distance in record time for a filly. POTENCJA created a highly valued family in Poland. Two of her daughters *PODWIKA 2/10(4-3-1)2 (by Comet) and *PATYNA 1/5(1-2-1) (by Czardasz) were exported to the United States. It is through POTENCJA's daughter POTEGA 2/15(6-5-3)2 (by Czardasz) that this family carries on in
Poland today. POTEGA's daughter, PASCHA (by *El Paso) was the dam of PASSA, 1982 World Reserve Junior Champion Mare.

*PIETUSZOK was TAKTIKA's best producing son. He stood at stud in Poland for 15 years before coming to Canada. Although her did not race, *PIETUSZOK offspring won the Derby twice (*Wosk & *Orla), the Oaks twice (*Orla & Beatrice), and the Criterium two times (*Orla 2 times) along with many other stakes races in Poland at one point *PIETUSZOK daughters made up a larger percentage of the mares in Poland than those from any other stallion. *PIETUSZOK sires 32 offspring in Poland before being sold to Canada.

*PIETUSZOK lives in Canada only 22 months, just long enough to sire stallions such as HUSSAR (x Toranne), PIETUSZOK DWA (x Canadian National Champion Mare Silver Charm by *Bajram) and PIETRAK+/(x Shooting Star). In Alberta, Canada, PIETRAK+/ won a multi-breed competition which included show jumping. PIETUSZOK DWA was in-bred 1x3 to *PIETUSZOK and sired the stallion PYATIGORSK. PYATIGORSK has sired three United stakes winners (C Patriot, High Ideal, and Tak).


At the time of TAKTIKA's birth, the Russians were building their purebred Arabian breeding program. In 1936, a group of mares and stallions were purchased from Crabbet Park in England. In 1939, simultaneous with Hitler invading from the West, Russia invaded Poland from the East. Nearly 200 horses were taken from Poland to Russia. Russian breeders then had to assimilate the new arrivals into their breeding program.

TAKTIKA's sire, TAKI PAN, was evacuated from Poland to Russia in 1939. He was by KASZMIR and out of DZIWA, thus being a half brother to OFIR who was also taken to Russia. TAKI PAN's sire KASZMIR won 17 of 18 races, including the Derby and the Criterium three times. KASZMIR did not nick well with a wide spectrum of mares. His best progeny were of the Mlecha dam lines, which was not used in Russia prior to 1939. TAKI PAN was just a two-year-old when taken to Russia, unlike OFIR who was a proven sire and had sired the "Three W's" (Witraz, Wielki Szlem and *Witez II) the year before the evacuation. TAKI PAN was scored a grade below OFIR. In Russian, only the two top grades (Elite and I) are used for purebred breeding.

TAKI PAN was used only sparingly in purebred breeding. Some years he bred ten purebred mares and other years he bred none. OFIR daughters were bred to TAKI PAN, apparently to inbreed to DZIWA. 1942 was the first year TAKI PAN was used at the purebred stud. He was bred to two mares, one being the KANN daughter KRONA. There were thirteen KANN daughters in productions during the years TAKI PAN was at stud, but KANN daughters were usually bred to OFIR. KRONA was the only KANN daughter ever bred to TAKI PAN. The result of this test breeding was TAKTIKA.

TAKTIKA was a bay mare foaled in 1943, she stood 15.2 hands and was graded "Elite", the same as her dam and a grade higher than her sire. Perhaps when the breeders saw TAKTIKA they wanted to see what KRONA would produce with DZIWA's better son, OFIR. Or, perhaps they just decided to continue breeding KANN daughters to OFIR. Regardless, KRONA was bred three times to OFIR. Her son by OFIR, OPTIK 2/15(4-3-4) was a race winner. She bred once to the PIOLUN son, PLOMBIR, but this filly, PRIVICHKA 1/7(0-2-1) did not have an outstanding race record. KRONA was never re-bred to TAKI PAN and was sold in 1948.

KRONA's dam was STAR OF THE HILLS, one of the 1936 imports from Crabbet Park, STAR OF THE HILLS was sired by *RASWAN (later imported to the United States by W.K. Kellogg) and was a great granddaughter of the mare, SOBHA, purchased by Wilfred Seawen Blunt from Ahbas Pasha in Egypt. STAR OF THE HILLS produced only three Russian offspring. Her first filly by RYTHAM was not used in purebred breeding. Then she was bred twice to KANN. The first result was TAKTIKA's dam, KRONA. The second was a full brother to KRONA named KASTANIET, not used in purebred breeding. STAR OF THE HILLS died the year her daughter KRONA was bred to TAKI PAN to produce TAKTIKA.

TAKTIKA contained all the elements of the Russian Arabian breeding program. Her sire was Polish and her dam a blend of French, Crabbet and Egyptian blood.

TAKTIKA produced 15 foals - 6 colts and 9 fillies. There 15 foals were produced in 16 years! She produced one foal by KOREJ (Kater), nine by PRIBOJ (Pashtet, Platina, Protekeia, Potencja, Ptashka, Torpeda, Tropinka, *Pietuszok, and Topol), one by Negatiw (Tien), and four by POMERANETS (Tramplin, Trapecia, Tropik, Torpeda - a second foal with the same name). TAKTIKA died three weeks after producing her last foal.

At Tersk, the TAKTIKA family is second in size only to that of MAMMONA. TAKTIKA's offspring have produced 104 foals in Russia and all but 12 of these have PRIBOJ as a grandside. In 1983 Mary Jane Parkinson wrote an article for the ARABIAN HORSE WORLD analyzing the dam familites of the Russian imports into the United States. Her study concluded that 25 mares accounted for 50% of the 121 horses imported and about 40% of these imported traced to TAKTIKA.

Of these offspring, 68 were sired by TAKTIKA's son TOPOL. Although born in 1958, TOPOL was not used as a stud until 1971. After PRIBOJ died in 1957, his son POMERANETS (x Mammona) was used as his replacement. It was not until 1971 when POMERANETS was able to settle only one mare that TOPOL was bred to his first mare. POMERANETS died in 1972.


With Arabian racing growing around the world, the TAKTIKA family is represented wherever Arabians race. In the Middle East, with two lines to TAKTIKA through *PUSTINIA and TOPOL, the BALATON son SAMBIST (x Stihia) was just heaten at the wire in the 1993 Dubai Stakes. SAMBIST was the high selling lot in the 1992 Tersk Sale in Holland, selling for $315,000. Tracking to the PTASHKA through her ASWAN daughter PESNIA, POGOJII won the 2 mile 1 furlong Deira Stakes race at this year's Dubai International.

In the United States, three of the top seven race sires carry TAKTIKA blood - *WIKING (through *Pietuszok), BRUSALLY ORZELOST (through *Pietuszok), and RD FIVE STAR (through Ptashka twice).

In addition to being superlative racers, TAKTIKA, and her grandget have also been very successful in the show rings in Russia and around the world. In Russia, TAKTIKA was named 1958 All-Union Champion, beating her daughters PTASHKA and PLATINA. PTASHKA was named Champion two years earlier. In 1962, TAKTIKA's son, TOPOL, received the "Certificate of the 1st Degree" (equivalent to a National Top Ten in North America). PTASHKA's daughter PALMIRA won her Certificate in 1970 and in 1979 she was named Champion. PTASHKA's son PRIZRAK (by Kankan) won the 1974 Russian Championship.

PTASHKA was TAKTIKA's best producing daughter leaving 11 offspring in Russia. PTASHKA's foals have been incredible producers and greatly valued. Her foals include the stallion PRIZRAK and daughters PESNIA, *PARKETNAIA (1/2 interested sold for $365,000). PALMIRA and *PUSTINIA.

PRIZRAK 2/14(3-2-3) was very successful on the racetrack. In 1990 his son DRUG (x Karinka) was European Champion Stallion. DRUG received the highest score for any horse at the 1990 European Championships. DRUG was named best Racehorse in Europe in 1991. He stands 16 hands and possesses a huge trot.

PESNIA (by Aswan) produced *PESNIAR (by Nabeg) purchased by the late Dr. Armand Hammer for $1,000,000. *PESNIAR was National Top Ten Stallion in both the United States and Canada. *PESNIAR's full sister, *POSLANNITSA, was imported to the United States by H.F. Kale and George Harrison. *POSLANNITSA won the Mature Mare class at Scottsdale and produced two excellent daughters by *MUSCAT and *MARSIANIN.

PALMIRA (by *Salon) produced *PRISTAN (by Aswan), United States and Canadian National Top Ten Mare and who in on the ARABIAN HORSE WORLD's Aristocrat Mares list having produced four champion offspring. PALMIRA produced full siblings by NABEG - *POZNAN (2x United States National Top Ten) and PELENG. PELENG sired GOMEL, Champion Ridden Stallion at the 1990 European Championships. GOMEL is at the Prix St. Georges level in dressage and has been Regional, National, International and European Champion Stallion.

PALLADA (by *Salon) produced PENZA (by Nabeg) who was Champion Mare of Holland. PENZA is the dam of race sire *PATENT (by Patron) and of *PANACHE and PENZAZZ (both by the Topol grandson Almaz). PENZAZZ was Champion Yearling Colt at the 1990 European Championships.

*PUSTINIA (by *Salon) was the dam of PANAGIA (by Aswan), dam of BALATON (by *Menes) the 1992 European Champion Stallion. BALATON's get are prominent at shows and racetracks in Europe. Seven BALATON offspring won eight Championships or Reserve Championships in Austria, Germany and Holland in 1993. *PUSTINIA holds the Russian record for two-year-old fillies at a distace of 1000 meters (about 5 furlongs). *PUSTINIA produced the full sisters *PALUBA and *PUDRA (by Aswan). *PUDRA sold for $600,000 while *PALUBA was a Champion at Halter and English Pleasure. *PALUBA is the dam of RD FIVE STAR 2/7 (4-0-0)1, who set two track records, is the sire of stakes winners, a winner in halter and performance, and carries two lines to PTASHKA.

PLATINA, another female by PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA produced PANEL (by Nil) who is the dam of PALAS (by Aswan). PALAS went to Poland from Russia sired champion racers as well as the fabulour mare *PILARKA, 1981 European Champion Mare and World Champion Mare. PANEL also produced PCHELKA (by Knippel), dam of European Champion and Reserve World Champion Stallion PLAKAT (by Aswan). PLATINA also produced PANORAMA (by Aswan) dam of *PESENKA (by *Salon). *PESENKA was a United States Reserve Champion Mare.

TAKTIKA was bred to PRIBOJ nine times. This cross produced two stallions and three mares of the highest capabilities on the race track, in the show ring and in the breeding shed. What is most fascinating is the tremendous genetic prepotency of this breeding cross which resulted from breeding two horses that were similar in phenotype but dissimilar in genotype. TAKTIKA resulted from a test breeding conducted in 1942. That breeding produced an excellent result but was never repeated.