El Paso - Warmia 

Andrzej Novak-Zemlinski

Fuchs Stute, 150-185-18.00
Züchter: Stadnina Koni Michalów, Polen

Stutenlinie: Szweykowska
Hengstlinie: Kuhailan Haifi d.b.

Rennleistung: 1/6 (0-2-2-2)

Polnische National Junior Champion Stute
Stockholm International Cup Champion 1982

WILEJKA 1976-2004 - by Marsha Parkinson

Wilejka - in Michalów 1998
photo Michael Sommer

Wilejka was foaled in Michalow on January 17, 1976. She was the fourth and the last filly of the cross between Warmia and El Paso. The prior three siblings were bays: Wizja US National Champion Mare in 1977, Wistula (1974) and Wersja (1975).

photo Jerry Sparagowski

Wizja  (El Paso - Warmia) - full sister to Wilejka

photo Jerry Sparagowski

Wilejka was a chestnut with an irregular blaze. Her right front leg had a stocking and her left hind had some white around the coronet band. She had a beautiful head, very dry with wonderful large intelligent eyes. Her neck was long and very thin at the throat. Her body was smooth with very well pronounced withers and correct legs which we may attribute to her sire, El Paso. Wilejka was extremely charismatic and loved people. Her favotite treat was sugar cubes but she was satisfied with an apple or a piece of dry bread as well. If you had nothing in your hands she would come anyway, just to be scratched and patted.

photo Maria Kulisa

Wilejka - at Michalów Stud (1983)

photo Maria Kulisa

Wilejka had 15 foals in Michalow and she produced some great broodmares:

·  Wilia by Pepton - dam of a Derby winner Wiliam; granddam of race champion Wienerva

·   Wilnianka by Tallin, a full sister to Wojslaw and dam of stallion Wawrzyn by Emigrant; Wilnianka produced also a few excellent fillies - Wiselka, Wienna and Windawa;

·   Wybranka by Piechur;

·   Weltawa by Arbil;

·   Wieniawa by Monogramm, exp. to Germany, German Premium mare;

·   Worskla by Eukaliptus.

photo Wieslaw Pawlowski

Wojslaw  (Tallin - Wilejka)

photo Wieslaw Pawlowski

Wilejka's best foal for Polish breeding was the stallion Wojslaw. He represents a very rare and almost extinct sire line of Bairactar. Wojslaw was also a Polish National Champion Stallion in 1991. He produced several great mares: Estelka, Dajana, Zuzanna, Gryzetka, Loretta, Pasja, Ellanda, Emisana, Ewina, Fuksja, Daisy, and Maceba. However, most of all Wojslaw produced great sons.

·    Emanor - Polish National Champion Stallion, Best in Show with extremely high score of 95.67 in 1998, Scottsdale Champion Stallion class for Stallions foaled in 1992-1993, Canadian Reserve National Champion Stallion and United States National Champion in 1999 as well as many times Champion, Reserve Champion and Top Ten in performance classes in the United States and Canada.

·    Werbum - chief sire and sire of excellent young mares.

·    Monar - chief sire in Michalow and Bialka. Sire of very promising offspring.

·   Druid - excellent race horse, sire of beautiful colt Diament and Derby winner Gorec. Gorec was bred by Mrs. Anna Nieora-Tchkuaseli out of a mare from the Tiersk Stud.

Wojslaw also produced several good horses at Janow Podlaski Stud. His daughter, Salsa, won Oaks and second place in this race was taken by his other daughter, Eqvida. The third place was taken by his grand daughter, Edia, bred by Bialka Stud. His two sons, Enduro and Dominik, raced very well also. In 2002 Wojslaw was leased to Marsha Parkinson in the United States and purchased shortly there after.

Another great son was twice Polish Spring Show Top Five stallion WETERAN. Weteran, how presents the Kuhailan Afas d.b. sire line, was sold as a four year old stallion to Germany, where he become a fantastic racing and endurance sire.

photo from archiv of Marsha Parkinson

Wilejka at farm in California (1998)

photo from archiv of Marsha Parkinson

When Wilejka got older she developed asthma and we started to have some problems with getting her in foal. Despite medications, she was suffering more and more. The soil in Michalow is very calcium rich and this irritated her condition. Because of this Michalów decided to find a new home with better climate for her. Marsha Parkinson, a great friend of Michalów and there horses, purchased Wilejka and brought her to California. Wilejka departed from Michalów on September 23, 1998, with all of us shedding a tear watching her go.

photo from archiv of Marsha Parkinson

Walencia  (Goliat - Wilejka) - the last foal of Wilejka

photo from archiv of Marsha Parkinson

Wilejka blossomed in California. She even got in foal to Michalów's bred stallion Goliat by embryo transfer and foaled a bay filly, Walencia, in 2000.

photo from archiv of Marsha Parkinson

Wilejka at the age of 25

photo from archiv of Marsha Parkinson

In 2004 her condtion declined and the medications were not working as well as before. Marsha decided not to come to Poland that summer because she didn't want to leave Wilejka in such a fragile state. "She went in peace", this was a message from Marsha received on August 26th.